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Enjoy the most memorable adventure in the heart of Dubai Desert. Now Regal Tours Worldwide offers the most exciting Dubai dune buggy packages to make the most out of your day trip bashing and touring around the red sand of the Dubai desert in the dune buggy of your own choice

Are You Ready for A Dubai Dune Buggy Adventure? Regal Tour Worldwide organized tour operator departs for the red sands of Dubai around 8:30AM Or 3:30PM with all the adventure seekers and on arrival to our designated adventure spot our safety expert briefs you on safety and instruct on how to drive dune buggies and get the most out the adventurous desert terrain and its large sand dunes

When compared to quad bikes the dune buggies offered by Regal Tours Worldwide are more reliably strong and a lot safer as they are equipped with a complete roll cage, soft bucket seats as well as many safety features to ensure you’re your safety while you go wild bashing sand dunes of the desert

Regal Tours provides you an open opportunity to explore even deeper in the open desert with a group of professional medical and support team. Dubai Dune Buggy Adventure with Regal Tours will full of fun and thrilling excitement as you get to explore even deeper areas of Dubai desert along with professional backup team with enough food, drinks and water supply

According to our safety guideline you must be at least 16 years or older and sign a simple disclaimer and safety form against personal injuries and damages. Regal Tours Worldwide security officer will provide you with all the safety goods such as helmets and protective goggles to ensure all the basic safety measures and you will be requested to stay in and fallow the group for safety purposes and enjoy as we explore the red sands of Dubai in thrilling Dubai Dune Buggy Adventure

Burj Al Arab is the only 7 star hotel in the world. Burj Al Arab tours and Hotel Booking is a never miss deal that regal tours put forward to our guest. We get a prior approval and booking for our guest at Burj Al Arab and make sure visit their dream hotel

Guest across the globe call Regal tours for hotel booking at Burj Al Arab, the only reason behind this is we give the very best rates and services at all level of booking. We have a separate department and operation team for Burj Al Arab tours and Hotel booking

Make it easy by contacting Regal tours for booking you dream hotel and tour. You may contact us at 004-2635888 or email us at

Dubai Desert Safari Is a number one on any tourist list who visit Dubai in hope for most adventurous and memorable trip possible and Regal Tours Worldwide makes sure that they make the best trip memories. We at Regal Tours Worldwide offers the best Dubai Desert Safari Adventures packages to our clients and many attractive and thrilling tours along with the adventures in red sands of Dubai

Dubai Desert Safari by Regal Tours is rated best by many adventures seekers who comes seeking exciting adventures in the desert. With the team of professional guides and 4X4 Drivers we host the best sand bashing experience for our clients that they won’t forget. We offer Pick up and drop back services right from your door steps in luxurious 4X4 land cruisers and always have experienced staff members to take care of you

Make your trip even more memorable as Regal Tours Worldwide gives you a chance of professional photoshoots all along the Dubai Desert Safari Trip and as well as a chance of viewing the romantic sun set in the middle red desert

At the end of the Dubai Desert Safari adventure you get to relax in Arabic style camp enjoying belly dance performed by many beautiful belly dancers along with Tanura Dance performed by skilled Tanura dancers with smoking luxurious flavored Arabic shisha while eating mouthwatering Arabic BBQ prepared by professional Arab chefs and fresh meat



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